A holiday in Malta means doing what you want. And because the sun shines all year round, you can enjoy yourself to the full. In a few days and without covering many miles you can try a new sport, take a leisurely island cruise, visit the main historical sites and still have time to explore the nightlife. That is the great advantage of staying in Malta.

Campaign objective

° Growing Malta as a holiday destination on the Belgian and Luxembourg markets.


In order to realize Malta's objectives, a mix consisting of the Travel Click Network, Social Media advertising, Google search and Google Display network and a dedicated newsletter campaign was chosen.


In 2019, we achieved more than 9,000,000 views, more than 52,000 clicks and more than 1,100,000 Facebook views. The number of Facebook fans of Malta increased by no less than 3145 fans.


52.000 clicks

+3145 Facebook fans