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Google Ads:Display network

By using the Google Display Network, you are visible to potential tourists, customers, on the websites of your choice, paying only when someone clicks on your banner.

Variety of targeting options

The wide range of targeting options available makes it possible to set up a very specific campaign, in which your ads appear in a very specific position and only for a very relevant target group

Google Display Ads are a powerful online resource that can deliver millions of impressions and visits to your ads and website. Display ads are usually used to increase awareness and reach a new audience interested in what your destination, hotel, business, ... has to offer.

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Targeting options

Context-targeting: Target keywords or topics
Plaatsings-targeting: Choose the website you want to be show on
Intent-Targeting: Show banner ads to people who searched for a keyword on Google
Remarketing: Show banner ads to people who have visited your website

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